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Welcome to Markmann Real Estate.

We are an independent real estate investment management firm based on the outskirts of Cologne, Germany.

Following a broad mandate, we invest in commercial and residential real estate, as well as freehold land. Investment profiles vary from long-term strategies to actively managing property and taking short-term advantages.

Our investments are focused on the Rhine-Ruhr region.
Ground Leases

We invest in land encumbered with a leasehold (dt. Erbbau-grundstücke), preferably with a commercial usage and in urban locations.
Value Enhanced

We are always looking for opportunities to return properties to their highest and best use via a broad array of management activities.
Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate portfolio is managed to satisfy our tenants' needs and thereby generate sustainable income.
Corporate Finance Advisory
We selectively advise on and structure corporate and real estate transactions.
The firm is managed by Dr. Holger Markmann.
The Owl
The owl forms part of our logo and represents the characteristics and habits by which we conduct our business. We act quietly and deliberately, precisely and with persistence. While the owl is often portrayed rather static, it has great capabilities in flight and is a versatile hunter. Finally, the owl and in particular the Eurasian eagle-owl represents the wisdom we thrive to implement in our decision making.
We very much welcome your investment proposals and business ideas. You can reach us either by mail directed to

Markmann Real Estate GmbH
Sebastianusweg 2
51789 Lindlar.
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